Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Brown Box Organics right here. If you do not see your question listed here, please contact us and we will be happy to reply to your inquiry within one business day. Providing great customer service is our highest priority and we are always happy to hear from you.

How Do I Sign-up for Brown Box Organics Delivery Service?
Signing up is simple. Just click sign up from our home page or click here.

Can I Choose What Day & Time My Delivery Arrives?
No. We plan our routes as efficiently as possible and deliver specific areas on the day listed in our delivery schedule. If your delivery is going to an office or gated community please use the comment box for delivery instructions to let us know your hours of business, gate code and any other information we need for delivery. To see when we deliver to your area see our Delivery Schedule. We also offer pick up option by appointment.

Can I Choose Exactly What I Want in My Box?
Yes! We have a great selection of Variety Boxes featuring Certified Organic Produce, but you can also order hundreds of items ala carte including produce, milk, eggs, meat and much more. Variety Boxes are not required, but are our most popular option.

Can I Have a Standing Order?
Yes. Most of our customers prefer to establish a weekly or every other week Standing Order for their convenience.

How Do I Know What Will be in My Variety Box?
You can look online at each box to view the contents that week by clicking the “View Sample” button below each Variety Box title. The Variety Box Menus are a tentative menu and may change due to quality or availability. However, they will give you a good idea of the quantity and variety to expect for that week. Variety Box Menus are updated weekly Wednesday afternoon for the following week.

What if I’m Not Home?
No Problem! Many of our customers are not home when their deliveries arrive. Our groceries are fresher than in stores, and will be just fine on your porch for a few hours. If you will not be home and you are receiving refrigerated or frozen foods please leave a cooler out for your order to be delivered or request a cooler box insert. Your delivery will normally arrive between 12-9pm on your delivery day, so please plan accordingly.

How Can I Determine if You Service My Area?
Please see our Delivery Schedule for details. We currently deliver in Boise, Caldwell, Eagle, Kuna, Star, Meridian, Nampa, Middleton and have waiting lists in several other areas. If you live outside these areas please contact us to join a waiting list.

How Can I Determine Which Produce Box is Right for My Family?
The best way is to try a box and see! There are so many variables and many people find that the size box they need changes. Generally speaking, the Small Variety Box meets the weekly needs of about 2 to 3 people. The Large Variety Box meet the weekly needs of about 3 to 5 people. Things to take into consideration are; how often you eat out, if you consume an average amount of product or the recommended amount, if you are a vegetarian, and how much extra ala carte produce you want to add to your order and how much canned and frozen produce you use. If you prefer to pick and choose exactly what you want ordering ala carte and choosing exactly the items and quantities you want may be the best option.

What Happens to the Box That My Order is Delivered in?
We purchase durable, reusable boxes for deliveries. We request that you return the boxes to us by leaving them at your delivery area the following week. Our driver gladly picks them up, drops off your new order, and brings the old box back to our facilities. The boxes are reusable and can last for a very long time when treated kindly. A box fee of $2 may be assessed if boxes are not returned regularly, but don’t worry – it is refundable and we will leave you several reminders first.

Where Does the Produce Come From?
All of our beautiful and delicious Certified Organic Produce comes from farms that are independently Certified Organic. We base our menu on what our local availability first and always source as close to home as possible.

How Do I Pay for My Order?
You can select how you would like to pay when you establish your account and update it anytime on your Account Information page. Current options are cash or check at the time of delivery, credit card, debit card, ACH (checking debit) and Pay Pal.

How Do I Know What Are in the Side Orders?
The side orders (Assorted Fruit Side, Assorted Salad Side, Assorted Cooking Side and Snack Pack) are grab bags made up of various items that we have ordered in addition to our usual main menu items. They vary from day to day. Side orders are always a great value.

How Can I Add to My Order?
You can add to your order by clicking the Browse or Log In buttons on our home page. Once you log in you will see options for quantity, standing order, one time order and favorites list. You can also e-mail or call us anytime. See the Contact page for details.

When Do I Need to Place My New Order or Make Order Changes?
The deadline is 7AM the day before your delivery to place your order and make changes. We also send out delivery reminders each week a few days before your delivery that confirms what is on your order so there are no surprises.

If you have a standing order you can click the Skip a Week button and then tick any dates you do not want delivery. If you prefer to order as needed simply do not put in an order for that week. Another great option if you will be away is to divert your delivery to a friend or the local Food Bank. To make this request send us an e-mail with the date and address we should send the delivery and we will make arrangements.

Is There an Additional Delivery Charge?
Delivery is always free within our delivery area! Please see our delivery schedule to determine if we service your area. We do have a minimum order of $35.00 for orders that do not include a Variety Box. If your order is below the minimum order we charge a small order fee of $5.00. This is not a delivery charge and shows in your totals when ordering if applicable.

What is the Sales Tax?
We charge the standard Idaho tax rate of 6%. All item prices on the website are before tax. Tax is assessed in the order totals as you add to your order.

How Do the Milk Bottle Deposit Charges Work?
A deposit will be charged for each glass bottle in the amount of $2.50 with the first dairy delivery as requested by the local dairy. Bottles returned are credited the day after return. This credit will show on your next weekly invoice. If you receive and return the same number of bottles each week the charge and credit are equal value and will not increase your invoice total.

Can You Deliver a Box as a Gift or Get a Gift Certificate?
Absolutely! – within our standard delivery area. You can choose Variety Boxes or any combination of items from our great selection. We will even include a personalized note with your gift delivery at no extra change. We also offer gift certificates available in any denomination. Gift Certificates can be mailed or sent by e-mail.

How Do I Receive My Free Gift?
All of our new customers that set up a standing reoccurring order can receive a Brown Box Organics new customer gift.  Please send an e-mail request for your free gift to be added to your delivery to customer service at admin@brownboxorganics.com. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

What if I’m Not Satisfied?
If you receive any item that does not meet your satisfaction we will replace it or credit your account. Please contact us within 24 hours of delivery. We appreciate your business. Your satisfaction is our highest priority!

Why is Organic Produce Better?
Organically grown foods are safer for your family, and the environment. Organic, in short, is defined as ‘grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers’. What this means to you and your family is far less chemicals in your body. And for the environment, far less poisons in the ground. You can read more about the importance of Organic choices here.

Can I Cancel My Order?
Yes! To cancel just for a short time click Skip A Week and pause delivery on the dates needed. To cancel any item on your standing order or weekly order just change the quantity to zero and save. Updates including cancellations need to be made before the order deadline. Please note we cannot cancel a delivery after it has been made due to Organic Certification regulations and food handling safety. You can also contact us by phone or email to cancel your order.

I Have More Questions. What Should I Do?
Please contact us!.